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FitStrong Ambassador Program

FitStrong is currently searching for a group of motivated individuals to represent our supplement company and get rewarded for it! What are the benefits of being a part of the FitStrong army?

  • Ambassadors get a lifetime discount on supplements!
  • Get invited to exclusive photoshoots when we are in their town (for free). We recently shot with Jason Ellis (the king of covers, #1 fitness photographer in the world)
  • Get invited to an ambassador only facebook group where you will be able to interact with celebrities (such as Jeremiah and Gus from Floribama Shore), other ambassadors and the people behind FitStrong!
  • Get tips on how to grow your social media accounts organically!
  • Offer your friends, family, and social media followers 20% off all FitStrong¬†supplements (excluding stacks) and make commission off of each sale!
  • But best of all, be a part of a movement. A movement to motivate, educate and teach others all the benefits a healthy lifestyle can bring to you.

Although we can’t accept everyone, you are more than welcome to apply to be a part of the FitStrong Army.

*Must be 18 Years or older to apply

Apply Here!

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