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Why Choose Organic Foods?


Health begins from the inside out, and when our internal health is compromised, there can be many negative repercussions. A poor internal environment can cause weakening of the immune system, a slowed digestive system, and/or nutritional deficiencies. All of these symptoms can inhibit fat loss, cause lowered energy and lead to a less than optimal physical state. An imbalance internally can be a result of antibiotics, stress, etc. but a large culprit is due to poor diet choices. When we eat foods that are loaded with pesticides and other additives, we are taking a hit at our internal environment. By choosing organic foodsand supplementing properly we are taking action in order to reset our systems.

The phrase “organic” simply refers to the way foods are grown and processed. In the U.S., this means that crops are grown with natural fertilizers instead of synthetic, and are void of bioengineered genes (GMOs), petroleum or sewage based chemicals. Research has found that organic produce contains fewer pesticides and has higher levels of antioxidants and nutrients. This aids in maintaining a healthy internal environment and is an important aspect of overall wellbeing and vitality. By limiting the use of hormones, antibiotics or non-natural fertilizers or pesticides, organic foods are forced to produce more nutrients in order to readily defend against predators, meaning they are loaded with healthy nutrients for our bodies.

A mainly organic diet will have an impact on long-term health. One way is through boosting immune function. By exposing our bodies to lower pesticide levels through organic foods, it encourages the ability for our bodies to learn how to fight off infections and/or chronic health conditions. An organic diet will also assist in gastro-intestinal health and overall digestion. This plays a crucial role when linked to muscle growth or fat loss. due to the way our digestive health impacts our metabolism. By avoiding GMOs, there is also a decreased link to food allergens which can cause digestive upset, and slow down the bodies ability to absorb and utilize micronutrients. A lowered toxin exposure can also lead to better neurological function, skin health and hormonal function.

A study done from the Royal Melbourne Institue of Technology found that after a single week of an organic diet, participants had a 90% lower pesticide/toxin reading than those who did not consume organic foods. Although there is debate around the exposure of organic foods to pesticides due to some truth around not being completely void of them, organic foods contain significantly lower pesticide levels than other foods. By maintaining a diet rich in organic foods, you can help play a significant role in lowering the toxin concentration and exposure rate for your body.



FitStrong “Cleanse’ Detox Supplement

With knowledge that opting for an organic diet is beneficial for health longevity and vitality due to a lowered pesticide/toxin consumption, striving to rid your body of already existing levels is crucial. At FitStrong supplements, we created a product called “Cleanse” to do exactly that. Cleanse has multiple gut repairing benefits, and is formulated with natural ingredients in order to detox your system. This includes the natural digestive aids cascara sagrada, psyllium husk and senna, to help move toxins through your system and digestive tract, and antioxidant rich flax seed powder to give your body the healthy omega 3 fatty acids that it needs. Cleanse also contains aloe vera which is another powerful antioxidant, mineral and nutrient containing plant that can act as an antibacterial, and contains a probiotic blend which helps to replenish the good bacteria in your gut. This product is exactly what will help jumpstart the process of healing your body from the inside out.

Overall, in order to function at optimal health we need to pay attention to the details that we cannot necessarily see on a daily basis. Our internal environment dictates some of our most important functions as a physical being and paying close attention to what we consume on a daily basis is crucial in this process. We need not to only focus on the choices we make from the present moment to our future, but also in aiding our bodies from past threats that may be inhibiting us from leading a healthier, brighter life. 






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