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CLA is an absolute STAPLE in your fat burning toolbox!

CLA supports your metabolism and helps use your body fat as fuel to power you through workouts! CLA is an Omega-6 fatty acid that is found naturally in meat and dairy, but in order to intake the quantity of CLA that FitStrong Supplement's signature line carries, you'd need to consume a TON of dietary fats - something that may prevent you from reaching your goals due to the excessive amount of calories you'd need to eat to reach the amount found in just 3 capsules! 

  • Build more muscle and burn more fat with daily use
  • Anti-Inflammatory properties to reduce joint pain and increase overall health
  • Beneficial effects on immune system, blood pressure, and digestive health
  • Manufactured in the USA in a State-of-the-Art cGMP and FDA-registered Facility
  • 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back - Guaranteed
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